Get Your Music Great Exposure.
 Via our partnership with Rhiza Music, Sentric is now able to ensure your tracks get great exposure and additional promotion by placing them on a growing network of digital jukeboxes and background music systems, situated in bars, clubs, student unions, high street retailers, cafes, hotels and restaurants throughout the UK.

We are now looking for the next set of talented emerging artists to be distributed via this network. To get your music heard, please fill out the form and a member of the Sentric team will be in touch shortly! 
* Please note if your music is already registered with the PPL by either yourself, label or another source other than Sentric then we will not be able to put your tracks forward for this opportunity
How It Works.
We select artists and albums / EP’s for inclusion on Rhiza’s exclusive music channels, “Breaking Bands” & “Up And Coming”, both of which are featured on over 16,000 digital jukeboxes and background music players. Your music will be delivered on a regular basis, added to a wide variety of playlists and then broadcast across this network. Royalties are generated each time your music is publically performed. These royalties are then collected and delivered back to you by Sentric. Another great source of revenue for your music !

We are constantly on the look-out for independent artists and active bands to provide innovative and diverse music for in-venue music playlists... so put your music forward today.
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